The problem:
Today's digital world has become far too fast. We are too busy with Facebook, Instagram and co. We post pictures and videos of food, drinks, cats and mishaps. We want to share and be shared too quickly. Due to the speed of the digital era, our synapses barely keep up. Our senses, unfortunately, to sensory overload.
We forget what it means to pause, enjoy the moment, savor it, hold on to it and let it go. The special moments in life lose their specialness. Our emotions become duller and duller. The fire in our eyes fades.

Our mission and solution:
We, at mycubes, have made it our mission to make the world a little more emotionally charged and "colorful" again.
We want to stand out, surprise, inspire, evoke positive emotions and be remembered. With small gestures every day can become something very special.
Whether birthday cards, event cards or photo albums, with the WOW photo jumping cube, ordinary (greeting) cards become an exciting experience for everyone. The customizable mycubes boom cards can be designed with a total of four pictures and be provided with a personal message.

our vision:
mycubes - the modern way to capture unforgettable moments and share them with your beloved people. Make every day a special one.