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Your partners, customers and employees will love it!

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Away from standard

Congratulate your customers, employees and partners on their important occasions in a special way.


New Year

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Show your appreciation to your partners & colleagues with explosive greeting cards. Go for emotions at top conditions:

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50 pcs.

from $4,49

100 pcs.

from $3,99

250 pcs.

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How it works

1. campaign prepare

If you already have a campaign in mind, you can go directly to the next step.

Otherwise, we will be happy to advise you on various occasions and possibilities. Please contact us for this purpose.

2. create design and design cube

You can design mycubes directly online or download our die cut and do your final artwork on it.

*We can also gladly do design services for you.

3. select shipping date and surprise your folks

You can have all mycubes shipped at once or choose multiple shipping days.
Whether with confetti or WITHOUT - the choice is yours!

*Please note that for no day delivery can guarantee. Plan therefore for the delivery 2-3 days tolerance.

4. enjoy gratitude

Your employees, business partners and customers will appreciate this gesture of attention and open many new business opportunities for you.

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Our customers rely on greeting cards with the boom effect.

Some of our customers:

New customer acquisition

Congratulations to partner

Customer greetings

Investor mailing

Event invitation

Congratulations on the master exam

Made for the best moments


made in Germany

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our greeting cards always leave an impression


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