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Confetti: Circles
Envelope: Yellow
Dark blue

BIRTHDAY CARD: You want to give something special instead of a typical greeting card? Then surprise your favorite people with a fancy 3D jump card with confetti!

WOW-EFFECT: As soon as the outer packaging of the greeting card is opened, the colorful card jumps out in the shape of a cube and confetti flies through the area. Surprise, fun and friends are guaranteed.

BIRTHDAY JOY: Whether it's for a 5th or 50th birthday, this unique BOOM card will create a festive mood and put a smile on the faces of everyone present.
After the occasion, the 3D card can be hung up as a decoration.

QUALITY: Our beautiful birthday cards are 100% "handmade with love" and are made of high quality FSC paper.
The rubber bands for the bouncing effect are 99% real rubber.

MYCUBES: We want to celebrate every occasion with you! Discover our wide range of greeting cards and give your dear friends, colleagues and relatives the unforgettable WOW effect of mycubes at every celebration.

DESIGN it your way!

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